About Us

How was Cultured Home born and why??

As a British born Hindu growing up, i was surrounded by family who had emigrated from India or Africa and they had culture, religion and traditions engrained in them. Even whilst living in the western world they carried the torch for passing on their culture to the next generation, which was me, the Millennials and Gen Z generation.


I grew up very close to all my extended family and they had a huge influence on my life. They educated me on Indian traditions, i learnt about my religion, we had religious events and i had a Mandir in my home and culture was a big part of my life. The language, the food, the lifestyle, the fashion and i would even say in my family home, there was a strong sense of cultured and ethnic style of home decor. If you grew up with a similar background to me, we all know and remember the Indian art which has been hung up on the wall for years, along with the Indian statues and figures which have remained the same for as long as you can remember.

Fast forward a few decades and now us millennials are now having families of our own. I am now a mum of two boys and it’s my turn to pass on the torch of culture and tradition to my kids and the next generation.

Admittedly being born and raised in the UK, the western world has taken over and the same culture and traditions i had growing up, are not as prevalent in my kids lives. I would still like my children to be connected to their roots in some way and I believe culture starts at home. This has lead to ‘Cultured Home’ being born.

Cultured Home’s vision and value

We want to make space for Indian culture, fashion and style in a western home and family. By taking some of the past traditions, Indian and ethnic style, and creating a version which fits into todays home decor, trends and lifestyle, means an element of culture remains in our homes and families and keeps the next generation familiar with their roots.

What we do

At Cultured Home we aim to take traditional Indian art, style and culture and combine it with todays western style and trends for the home, allowing you to keep a little culture in your home. Whether its a wall hanging for a newly decorated nursery or creating a Mandir / meditation area which fits into your home style and trend, we aim to have products which fit with todays home trends.

All prints and original art pieces are hand made and created by myself, Pratisha, the founder of Cultured Home.


At Cultured Home, I aim to ensure all products are produced to the highest quality, providing the customer with long lasting, luxurious products.

My prints are hand drawn and painted and produced using a combination of the highest quality art printing known as giclee and digital print, on premium 250 gsm paper with a matte finish. The thickness of our paper makes them perfect for hanging even without a frame.

My Pillows are a mix of handmade and pillows manufactured to the highest quality with a luxurious feel and finish, using high quality textiles to produce long lasting products. To maintain our pillows, we recommended that you either wipe down or where specified dry clean.

My frames are manufactured from quality fibreboard wood, with a plastic protector. With a PH neutral protector the image will not discolour and an acid-free mount, preventing it from turning yellow.

A little about me, the face behind the brand

Hi, I’m Pratisha and the founder of Culture Home. If many of you have followed me on social media for a while, you will know this is my second venture and Cultured Home was born out of my first online business venture, Prints & Pillows. Why the change you may ask? I guess Prints & Pillows no longer aligned with the direction i felt i was going in. I love being a British born Hindu with roots from India, i love the culture, family chaos, the food, the fashion, the quirky traditions and i love the style, its unique style holds a place in a world filled with lots of traditional fashion and art trends. There were so many times growing up i would question why parents did things the way they did, or why grandparents said the things they did, and when we visited india, it was a big ‘AHHHHHHH’ moment for me, where all the pieces of the jigsaw fell together.


Professionally I studied Product and Industrial Design / Art at university. My career started in product design/ engineering of medical products, I loved designing and manufacturing products which helped people, and improved their lives. I then moved into the fast-paced automotive industry and became a skilled project/programme manager leaving all of creative inclinations behind. Working in the automotive industry enabled me to embark on her second passion, TRAVELING!! I was fortunate to travel around Europe and the world chasing business, looking after customers and managing product development projects. With almost 20 years experience of working in the corporate world of Automotive, medical and modular homes industries, i have gained a great amount of knowledge of the business world.

Personally i am a wife and a mummy to two gorgeous and crazy boys. Any boy mums out there will know the level of madness which can occur. They are my world and my main motivation for Cultured Home. Being honest, i am not overly religious. I love my religion and keep god close, but when it comes to religious days and festivals, i make every effort to make sure my children know its a special day for our religion, but sometimes i am guilty in getting lost in work, school runs and the rat race life of the western world. It’s tough to keep all plates spinning at the same time and i have definitely found it difficult to keep culture, religion and the same traditions i grew up with in my children’s life. Being a Hindu, it never quite felt right that Christmas Day was a bigger celebration in our home and for my children than Diwali. I guess that is something i now hope to tackle through Cultured Home.

I would love to hear more of everyone else’s experiences and how they keep their culture alive. Get in touch through my social media channels, @culturedhome_ on Instagram and @culturehome on facebook and TikTok.